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Our Spring 2015 Season Champions are - Let's Roll
winning over the Roller Coasters in a wonderful match.
Look for announcements soon about the Fall 2015 Season.
Plan to be part of the fun.

Be sure to check the Bulletin Board tab for the most up to date information. Here is where events and news, such as Monday night bocce is posted.

The Reminders tab on our website, is a blog for reminding and refreshing rules and regulations.  Sometimes we receive questions about league rules, and we will continue to answer these by email.  However, when a topic comes up frequently, we will also post a brief answer on the blog which you will find under the Reminders tab.  Certainly, send us an email with your concerns, but also check there first. You might find the information you want right away.

 Non-league visitors to our website, a warm welcome to you all!  Feel free to explore this site. The Bocce courts are adjacent to the Wildcat Pavilion. Any Big Canoe resident can reserve a Bocce court at the Tennis center .

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